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in the Gorafe Desert and Los Colorados
All the photos on this page were taken by Geopark Granada during the proposed itineraries
For trekking excursions we decided to reduce the offer to the Guadix Basin only, the area inside which you will find the Gorafe Desert and Los Colorados....
The chosen area, of about 160 km2, is full of spectacular landscapes, geology and routes feasible by people who are in good physical shape.
They are not suitable for those who are not used to walking on unprepared terrain (they mainly take place in areas not served by paths).
We prepared, carefully checking them and often drawing them from scratch, various itineraries of different difficulty, length and duration.

We can offer various ways, and all of them can be with or without logistics.
By logistics we intend to accompany you to the starting point and then collect you on arrival to avoid the large circular tour.
The modalities are:

Guided, that is, a guide accompanies you and will help you choose the right path for the most difficult excursions. It can be with or without logistics.
€20 per person (minimun 3 people), plus € 1 * per km with logistics
(Land Rover, 8 people max.
including the guide

GPS: we will provide you with GPS with the pre-loaded track. In this case it will be necessary to leave a document in our workshop, the cost of the GPS rental is € 30 per day, regardless of the duration of the excursion and the number of participants. Again we offer the possibility of logistics with the cost per km of € 1 * (Land Rover, 7 people max.).

* normally for the logistics service you will not spend more than 70 €

Free: we have inserted this mode to expand the service, we offer it with passion, it does not involve any cost..
To orient you, if you have a map, we will teach you the route to follow and we will give you, in addition to our telephone number in case of an emergency, useful tips so that you have a pleasant and free of bad surprises experience.
Costs: FREE

If you don't have a map, we've ordered maps of the area from the National Topographical Center.
They have not yet arrived due to ministerial provisions due to the alarm generated by Covid-19, however the indicative price is € 5 per map.

The excursions do not use, as our custom, marked paths, but wind along ridges and sometimes pronounced slopes, and almost all of them are potentially dangerous if approached lightly. But they are superb landscaping, and can be overcome with common sense and with a minimum of attention.
Only one can be suitable for children aged 14 old and over, obviously accompanied by their parents. But we are able to adapt the tracks to your needs.
To reserve a trekking excursion, we advise you to contact us in time with our form, telling us what type of excursion you have thought of (duration or distance in km), how long you plan to dedicate to the excursion, if you give priority to some type of landscape in particular, if you are used to hiking on difficult and exposed terrain, how many you are and if there are children under 18 years old.

the prices will obviously depend on whether you want us to accompany you (€ 20 per person (minimun 3 people), the km that we should cover in the case of logistics (€ 1 per km) and if you want to expand the excursion with a 4x4 visit (consult for prices or request information)
So they can range from 0€ (your map, we will only provide you with directions) to a maximum of 130 € (for three people) in case of simple logistics and guidance.
If you want to integrate the route with a 4x4 excursion it will depend on the type of excursion (ask by using the Form)
The topographic maps (at the moment we have not yet received them) will have a PVP (public sale price) of € 5.
The GPS, as mentioned above, is rented for € 30 per day, leaving an identity document in our office.

We can also offer tent rental (we do not supply sleeping bags).
The rental prices depend on the store, ranging from € 15 per night for the 2/3 person store and € 25 per night for the 6 person store.
We offer to take it, assemble it and take it apart, in addition to buying and taking food and drinks for you (in addition to taking the garbage) at the logistics cost € 1.30 per km calculated each day (round trip).
The conditions are that the point where they camp is near a track.
We have itineraries already studied, but we can dissect, and resort to verify the feasibility, itineraries in measure. The cost of studying the new itinerary is € 50 (max. 30 km)

Well, I think I said it all,
If you love adventure I think you have no excuse for not contacting Geopark Granada!
Geopark Granada
Plaza de la Constitución, 1
18890 Gorafe

depending on the
weather conditions
RESERVATION +34 683 41 38 48
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