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The Geopark of Granada, originally the Geopark of the North Valleys of Granada, owes its definitive name to those who limit the name Granada (which is not part of the Geopark of Granada).
The original denomination was in fact criticized by UNESCO for its too descriptive name, preferring the "Granada" brand which was considered more suggestive.
We at Geopark Granada support the rural surroundings, which is why we think that limiting the name to an already known "brand" erroneously signals it as an essential and central center.
Gorafe, the seat of the most important megalithic park in Europe for the numerous dolmens listed, is the icing on the cake of the Geoparque de Granada with its badlands, one of the sedimentary registers of the most continuous continental quaternary in Europe.
It is located in an almost central point of the basin called "Hoya de Guadix Baza", a postorogenic basin characterized by surprising landscapes.
Just 30km from the best known Guadix and approximately 100km from the capital Granada, the town offers basic tourism-oriented services (medical advice, supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants and bars).
In Casa Juana, one of the restaurants, on Saturday evening, by reservation, it is possible to attend a Flamenco show.
An interpretation center on Megalithism every day, except on Mondays, opens its doors for guided tours (12:00 and 17:00).
Geopark Granada offers 4x4 excursions and guided trekking with updated historical and geological information
Gorafe è attualmente una delle località che possono esibire un certificato Starlight che certifica una bassa contaminazione luminica!
To see in Gorafe:
Gorafe is home to the Megalithic Park with the largest number of dolmens listed. It offers multiple possibilities for your holidays:
  • Necropolis of the Conquin
  • Necropolis of the Llano de Los Olivares
  • Las Majadillas necropolis
  • Los Algarves (almhoade fortified cuevas house )
  • Center of Interpretation of Megalithism
  • Flamenco show (Saturday, Casa Juana)
  • Do not miss a de las excusiones at the Gorafe Desert and the Los Colorados red sediment relief
  • Possibility of trekking either in the desert or in one of the many "rambles" (dry riverbeds) with variable duration and distance
  • Numerous mountain bike itineraries
  • Opportunity to observe fauna such as Iberian ibexes, vultures, foxes, and birdlife

Near Gorafe:
  • kilometers of tracks that can also be traveled by auto tourism
  • with one of the highest mountains in Spain, the Calar de Santa Barbara, offers visitors the opportunity to observe deer and ibex,
  • lead mines, iron, copper and other minerals, already exploited in some cases by the Romans (gold and lead)

  • a surprising traverine aqueduct dating back to the latest dating back to 5000 BC.
  • dolmen of the alicín necropolis, divided into three parts: Haza del Toril, Llano de la Ermita and Loma de la Raja.
  • thermal waters at 35º
  • The petroglyphs of Cerro de la Mina
  • The angular discontinuity

  • offers a pleasant, albeit short, excursion over suspended walkways above the caños del Rí Castril
  • for those who love walking, the excursion to the source of the Río Castril or to the Cerrata de la Madalena is recommended.

  • located in the western limit of the homonymous artificial lake completed in the mid 80s, it is an area where traces of the transit of marine and continental sediments can be observed. In the bioclastic area, fossils of at least 5,000,000 years can be observed.
  • Mirador del Negratín: a spectacular view of the lake and the badlands of the Rambla del Moral
  • Observation of lake birds

  • Karst area with easy sightings of deer, Iberian ibex, mouflon, vultures, foxes and a large birdlife.
  • here two important rivers are born, the Guadalquivir and the Segura, easily reachable by following and tracks (with caution it is possible to travel them with a car a little high, like small SUVs.
  • Other possibilities for trelling or mountain biking

  • thermal waters at 37.5º
  • original formations of the Cerro Jabalcón
  • Neolithic pictograms
  • the visitable Baza fault, which marks the subdivision of the Guadix Baza basin into two sub-basins.
  • possibility of parapente with tandem flights with the instructor

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Basti Interpretation Center, a necropolis and an Iberian-Roman archaeological site
  • Arab bath of La Marzuela
  • numerous churches and convents

  • Tutugi necropolis, Roman Iberian, with attached Interpretation Center and possibility of guided tours
  • archaeological museum, visit with the help of the guide
  • archaeological site of Castellon Alto (argarico)
  • Find out more here!
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