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Geopark Granada works mainly in the so-called Hoya of Guadix Baza, an sedimentary basin divided into two sub basins and a central area.
To help you choose an excursion, we decided to write this little guide.
We also have the possibility to provide itineraries (with a GPS), assistance for walks, mountain bikes or provide customized 4x4 excursions, giving priority to your interests.
If you have special requests, please contact us explaining your needs, the number of participants in the activity, the degree of physical preparation (beginners, good preparation, excellent) and the preferred duration (in hours or km). We will try to offer you various itineraries, some may need to be checked beforehand (an advance is needed).
There is no better excursion, there are excursions that allow you to see more things among a myriad of interesting places. We choose the most advantageous landscape and geological itineraries for you. All the proposed excursions are designed by Geopark Granada, and some we can boast of proposing only us.

Guadix area (Desert, Los Colorados, prehistoric Toril aqueduct, etc.)

In this area we have three main itineraries, each of which includes the most spectacular areas of the sub-basin, both landscape and geology. We customize each excursion, even combining different paths, enlarging or reducing the duration of each excursion based on your time and your interests.

To choose an itinerary, if you don't already know the area, you must first think about how much time you have available.

Second, evaluate your fitness. We will not do anything extreme, but in some itineraries we have decided to incorporate a few walks, of different duration, that if you are not used to it might get tired.
So if you have children, some itineraries are recommended for all ages, but of course there is case and case.

Finally: even if you have chosen a limited duration excursion, for example the Classica, we are at your disposal for any walks, stops, photographs, etc. for the whole day.

Excursion                    Duration                                    Fitness                  Children
Classica                 4 hours minimum                         normal                        5+      
Parziale                7.30 hours minimum                      good                           7+      
Completa            8.30 hours minimum                    excellent                     Not     

All the itineraries include a visit to the Gorafe Desert, Los Colorados.
They differ at the time of returning to Gorafe, for tracks or roads parallel to the tracks first traveled, In all we inform you about the geology and history of the area.

Zona Guadix, marine-continental transit and between the two sub basins

This area is "served" by tracks in bad condition, annually we retrace them by ourselves to make them passable (with shovel and pickaxe) with the off-road vehicles at our disposal (Land Rover Defender TD4, Land Rover Defender TD5, Land Rover 88 uncovered).

It is indicated for those who are in good physical shape, children over 13 years, few short walk.

It retraces the tracks that from the Gorafe desert leads to Los Colorados and before the junction to go back on a parallel track, it goes towards Cuevas del Campo, passing the Guadana Menor.
The landscape and geological value is spectacular, but it is an excursion that will engage you all day.
It is possible to follow it only from spring to autumn. Consider that after every heavy rainfall, we must go over it to check the state of the track to guarantee the necessary safety to you (and also to our vehicles).

Excursion                    Duration                                        Fitness                  Children
Puntal Blanco            7.30' hours minimum                     Good                      +13    

Central area, Cerro Jabalcón

The excursion to the Cerro Jabalcón, which traditionally and geologically is the central point of the two sub basins, is an excursion of almost the whole day. Very interesting, including a visit to the Baza tectonic fault and the possibility of learning pictograms dating back to the Neolithic period.

The landscapes are obviously unforgettable, didactically it is very interesting, it is not too tiring, but the walks require a certain adaptation.

   Excursion                        Duration                                  Fitness                         Children
Cerro Jabalcón             7.00' hours minimum               Normal                             +10  

 Baza Basin area

In this area we have prepared only one excursion, our care has been to cover the whole area (it has committed us more than two weeks day after day) to gather the unmissable points of this sub basin.
The proposed excursion lasts all day, you can easily get to 10-11 hours including a stop for lunch and for a visit (by choice) to Castellon Alto (Argaric archaeological site) or to the archaeological museum of Galera.
Consider that even on this tour there will be walks on natural terrain, a normal physical form is required, but a certain spirit of adventure.
We will see unique geological accidents, very different landscapes from the Guadix basin, but no less spectacular.

  Excursion                                                  Duration                                       Fitness                            Children
Altipiano di Baza e Galera                    10 hours minimum                         Good                                   +13  


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