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All the photos on this page were taken by Geopark Granada during the routes in the Hoya de Baza

These proposals were designed to connect geological and historical points of interest, making the excursion as complete as possible for pedagogical value regarding an introduction to the fascinating world of the Baza plateau.
The peculiar landscapes, although different from those we travel in the Guadix basin, however, have a very great geological value that lends itself well to information and to the assisted investigation of the events that led to the current conformation of the plateau and the Guadix basin.
white sedimentary hill of Bacin of Baza
altipalno de Baza, desert gypsum rose
a petrified imprint of ancient earthquakes
a giant petrified imprint of ancient earthquakes
Photography, culture and geology, all in one journey.
This interesting full-day excursion includes 200km, almost all on secondary tracks, and we could enjoy small walks (about an hour) between "ramblas" and areas of geological interest, as well as landscaping.
You will learn about the thermal waters of Zujar and a related organic-chemical sedimentary formation, one of the best views of the Baza fault and its outcrops (the Baza fault gave rise to the sub division of the intrabetic sulcus into two basins, that of Guadix and that of Baza), an underground river, exploitation of sulfur and saltpeter, a curious circular cave, vestiges of ancient earthquakes with unique formations in the world ...

After lunch, in Galera, the group will be able to decide whether to visit the very interesting archaeological museum of Galera or the archaeological site of the Argar age (it is an Argaric village, chronologically located in the full and final bronze, 1900-1600 BC) ).
In this regard, we inform you that the museum and archaeological site times are subject to variations throughout the year and that, for logistical reasons, they can only be visited in the afternoon-evening.

Horarios de visita de Octubre a Mayo
Mañanas: de 11 a 13 horas
Tardes: de 17 a 19 horas
Horarios de visita de Junio a Septiembre
Mañanas: de 11 a 13 horas
Tardes: de 19 a 21 horas

Lunes Cerrado

Also on the same day, if you wish, you can visit the Iberian necropolis of Tutugi, however in the study and excavation phase.
The return will be by national roads and the highway that will take us back to Gorafe in about an hour.

An excursion that allows you to visit the central point of the "hoya of Guadix Baza".

The Jabalcón, a mountain that rises like an island in the point that traditionally and geologically divides the two sub-basins of the Hoya of Guadix-Baza, is defined by geologists with the word "Inselberg", meaning a mountain island.

Before this correction (8/6/2019) we had mistakenly defined it as "horst" based on the text of an article we had previously encountered on the internet (Dialnet-LaVegaDeZujarGranada-2297142.pdf) but in the last informant course of the Geopark of Granada, dr. Francisco Juan García Tortosa, profesor titular de la Universidad de Jaén (Geólogo del Geoparque de Granada Francisco) pointed out that there is no system of two or more tectonic faults that can conform the relief as Horst.
The difference between the two terms refers to the origin of the formation.

In this excursion we will inform you about what caused the sub division of a great single depression into two basins with such different landscapes.
Not only: exchemic cave paintings dating back to the Neolithic, the Baza fault, the baths that were first Roman and Arab, a peculiar sedimentary formation, priceless views of the underlying Negratín lake ...
In the excursion we will observe (among other things) closely the interesting erosion model that affects the sediments with the formation of gullies, we will visit a diapirical area, we will encounter marine and lake fossils.
 walk whit us in this "rambla" and discovery the petrified imprint of old earthquake
a delicate gypsum mineral formation
The Jabalcón traditionally and geologically divides the Hoya de Guadix Baza in two sub basins
discover with Us the Cerro Jabalcón
This page can already find the prices of 2020.
Contact Us to know the rate still in use!
We have raised above all the prices of the routes that were in promotion (Jabalcón) tryng ti find a balance to obtain a little benefit but maintaining the competitive prices.
The formula for the benefit of the groups can be a bit comlicate, but many proofs are that you can get a vantaggious rate!

2020 RATES
We make avalaible to our customers three Land Rover for excursions, with 8, 6 and 5 seats. If your group is larger than 8 people, you will need another Land Rover, which price (including two people) will be discounted from 50%
Example: 9 participants, "Jabalcón" excursion
They will need two cars, the price of the first will be € 120, on the other the vehicle will be applied (€60).
The people included in the cost of the Land Rover are 4 (two per car), the 5 additional people will pay a supplement of only € 22.5, so the total calculated will be € 292.5(€ 32.5 for person)
Night photography: after the first hour € 20 per hour. Departures from 21:00 (winter)
or from 23:00 Summer)
Prices for 2 persons
All the day route
Altipiano de Baza
Jabalcón Mount
Each additional person € 22.5
themal water pool in Zujar
Balcon of Jabalcón, down the Negratín Lake
gypsum mineral formations
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